Impact of industrialisation 19

Industrialization, Nationalism and imperialism, if they are brought together their product is highly explosive, because of different interests of different groups that are influential enough to affect countrys foreign and domestic policy.

I chose the industrialization as the first aspect to asses, because as far as I am concerned these three issues can be put in a chain. Due to my knowledge, the first step to imperialism is highly developed economy, what causes increasing importance of industrialists.

XIXth century is often called as the great century of technical development. In the second part of this century, we can notice that Germany (still not unified) recorded an industrialization Boom that made it after unification 3rd powerful power in the world. Same time in Russia, that was under the reign of Alexander II, reforms were introduced. Some of them like abolition of selfdom were to liberal for back warded Russia. Although establishment of the State Bank and introduce of new taxes made high industrialization weaker than in other European states. France for instance suffered another difficulties with industrialization. Their industry class was weakened by 1848 revolutions and Franco-Prussian war that lead to unification of Germany. The only country that did not suffer gross difficulties with industrialization was Great Britain. Although G.B. industrialization had a specific character. As the industrialization proceeded the local, island market became satiated. The industry circles began seek for new markets and started to export their products abroad, to Continental Europe and to British colonies, in fact British empire increased its size b 50% in XIX century, to cover 1/5 of the globe and something like a quarter of worlds population.

This state was desired by all of contemporary industry circles across the Europe. To produce on a large scale and to earn proportional amounts of money.

Rita P. Callahan

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