Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899. His mother Grace was a music teacher and his father worked hard to support the family. The two parents were very strict and expected politeness and dedication from their children.

In grade school Ernest was the class clown, and in high school he played football. He also began writing and soon was writing for the school newspaper. His uncle worked at the Kansas City Star and got young Ernest a job writing for the paper as well.

In 1917 Hemingway went to war, where he worked for the Red Cross Ambulance division. Hemingway wasnt happy there and soon he was acting as a soldier so he could be on the front lines. On July 8, 1918 an explosion hit the front lines, injuring Hemingway in the knee. He carried a fellow soldier to safety before collapsing on the ground.

Hemingway fell in love with twenty-seven year old Agnus, but the relationship ended shortly, when Ernest met twenty-nine year old Hadley. They were married after nine months and moved to Paris. While in Paris Ernest started writing stories, he used his past experiences mixed with a little jazz to create stories that were both vivid and wild.

After living in Paris, Hemingway went on a trip to Austria and called Hadley to join him. She decided to bring all his previously written stories to him, and lost all of them on the train.

In 1923 Hadley and Ernest moved to Spain, where their first child was born. A son named John after one of the couples friend, who was a bullfighter. While in Spain Hemingway wrote his first book, The Sun Also Rises and got it published in 1926.

Ernest was a womanizer and had been having an affair with another woman named Pauline; he divorced Hadley, moved in with Pauline and soon married her. They moved to America and settled in Key West, FL, where Ernest fished for enjoyment. He said that Key West was an escape from all the wonders of life and

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