Early America

America. No other word in any language sparks such a passion of energy in people. Why is

this? Is it because of the prosperity that the United States is associated with? Maybe, it is the

idea of complete freedom. Most people in less fortunate countries dream about a life in a new

land. Most often America is the land which pops into their heads. If people in less fortunate

countries dream of a new life in America, why has their been a decline of patriotism? Quite

possibly it is the lack of education, in the history of our fine country. People have forgotten

why we live in a free country, or how our country came to be. Possibly it is the fact that since

we no longer realize the overwhelming odds we faced in the revolution, or the matter of why

we succeeded from Britain. People take this country for granite. Two authors, Howard Zinn,

and Thomas A. Baily have not forgotten why we broke away. These men have similar

opinions on the social, political, and revolutionary origins of our country.

North and South America were colonized by modern European countries. The way

these countries interacted was the basis for society in Colonial America. For example, Spain

influenced the colonial times by introducing slavery through the Native Americans. Because

of Spains introduction of slavery, it became a way of life in fifteenth, sixteenth, and

seventeenth century America. Baily and Zinn both agree that Colonial America was directly

influenced socially by the mixing of different cultures from the immigrants. Society was an

important factor in colonial America….colonial society was not democratic and certainly

not equalitarian; it was dominated by men who had money enough to make others work for

them. And: Few of these men were descended from indentured servants, and practically

none had themselves been of that class. Here, Zinn gives an example of how society

worked. Baily wrote; In c…

Rita P. Callahan

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