black death

In Zieglers book The Black Death, he talks about the origins and nature of the bubonic plague. There was another factor in the Black Death. Not only was bubonic plague present, but also primary pneumonic or pulmonary plague which is more lethal. He discussed the fact that the bubonic plague was carried by fleas travelling on rats and that the pulmonary plague was spread through the air. This gave the medieval doctor a lot of trouble because, they didnt realize they were dealing with two different forms. Therefore, they did not know how to begin to prevent or cure it.

The plague was preceded by many natural disasters and met a population that had bred too fast without providing itself with the resources to sustain themselves. The Black Death reduced the population of England to more easily manageable proportions. True that the plague found awaiting in Europe a population that was not equipped to deal with such an illness. They had been distracted by wars, malnutrition, and land that was inadequate to provide its people.

The Black Death spread across Europe with no regard to age, class, wealth, or health. It arrived in Italy before it hit the main land and traveled all over Europe killing and astounding massive numbers of people. Everywhere it hit was the same story. Sometimes it hit with immense strength and other times it struck slowly. The medical world as well as the church just couldnt understand how to stop or prevent this plague.

The church declared that it was Gods wrath against all those who sinned. But, church officials as well were struck. Others blamed the Jews and accused them of poisoning wells, but they too were hit by the plague. No one could explain this wild phenomenon.

The Black Death does not have a thesis statement. It is a book that i

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